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Valentine's Day! Love Is In The Air!

Posted On: Jan. 24, 2013



Valentine's Day is almost here. A day when even the shyest person gains mystical courage from Cupid's arrow. On this one day, they find themselves capable of the grandest gestures of love. Of course, we want to show our love for all our players out there too! So look our for our newest series of amazing events and prizes to be won! Come share the love in Wings of Destiny!
Valentine's Dailies:
1 Valentine's Blessings
During the event, open your Holiday Events menu and select the Valentine's Blessings tab. You can send a special Valentine's gift to a player on your Friend list each day. You may send 5 gifts each day!
2 Daily Login
Login as the same character for 7 consecutive days to win a special Valentine pet reward, [Chuckie]!
Valentine's Visuals:
1 City decorations – During the event, Forrester City will be decorated with lovely balloons, blooming roses, hearts, chocolates, and other wonderful things to symbolize Valentine's Day.
2 Valentine's Map: During event, "Romance Manor" will be introduced. Players can teleport to Map through NPC (X, Y).
3 A little sweetness of Valentine's will be added to UI interface as well.  
Valentines' Pets:
1 Snarley: A little fiery but adorable dragon.
2 Chuckie: Your own little love cherub! Log in for 7 consecutive days to receive this wonderful pet!
Valentine's Mount:
Amorus Dei is your your mystical beast of purity for Valentine's! Saunter down the roads with Amorus Dei, the special Valentine's mount, on your way to send your love to your sweetheart.
Valentine's Costumes:
Tuxedo [Male]: Head + Chest + Legs
Bridal Dress [Female]: Head + Chest + Legs
Costumes now come in 7 and 15 day packages!
Valentine's Event BOSS
During the event, all maps will spawn a rare BOSS every hour. Defeat the BOSS to obtain a Love Blossom.
Note: BOSS name: Grim Witch
The Grim Witch, upon defeat drops: Lv 1 Pet Catalyst x1, Mount Catalyst I x1, Equipment Essence I x10, Equipment Essence II x2, Equipment Essence III x1, a random Valentine Chocolate, 999-Roses Bouquet x1, and Blossom x1.
Blossoms can be exchanged for Roses, Pet Catalysts, Valentine Chocolates, or the all new Pet, Chuckie!
Hunting for Sweethearts
Sweetheart Packs will spawn randomly across the special Romance Manor event map. Each Pack contains a random item from the following assortment: Mount Catalysts, Pet Catalysts, EXP Rune III, Wing Tips, HP Elixir II, MP Elixir II, Card Box C, Bags of Coins.
Valentines' Items:
1 Mount Satchel: Amorous Dei (Buy from Mall or Event interface)
2 Transmogrify: Use a special item to transform into either Cupid Angus or Cupid Eros.
Hazelnut Chocolate, Use: Transform into Cupid Angus
Liqueur Chocolate, Use: Transform into Cupid Eros
3. [99 Roses of Destiny], [999 Roses of Destiny] : Use to set off pretty fireworks above you.