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Ring in the Christmas Fun!

Posted On: Dec. 7, 2012



It's the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas Courier has come to Galensya and brought a whole slew of fun and exciting new content with him to all Wings of Destiny players! Let's take a look at all the excitement waiting for you this holiday season!
1. Santa's Village - A Christmas Dungeon
Lv 30+ players can speak to the the Christmas Courier [X: 186,Y: 166] during the Holiday Event to teleport to the special Santa's Village dungeon. Defeat Snowman Bullies and the Ice Yeti to collect special items as well as Candy Canes. Make sure you get as many as you can!
2. Candy Cane Craze!
Need more Candy Canes for that Christmas gift you really want? There's a ton of fun quests and mini-games over the Christmas season to help you get them!
[Match Made in Heaven] - The Happy Prince needs your help to get special christmas matches!
[Put A Coat On] - Warm the Freezing Beggar with a Christmas miracle!
[Christmas Dinner] - Help the Famished Boy win a round of Pick-A-Pair for an amazing Christmas feast!
[Lost in the Snow] - Help the Lost Girl find her way home in a game of Fastest Fingers.
[Reindeer Games] - Hang out with the NPCs in the Winter Wonderland and compete in the Reindeer Games!
3. Get Your Christmas Goodies!
[Candy Cane]: The Christmas Courier in Winter Wonderland just goes nuts for Candy Canes! Collect a bunch of them to exchange for gifts like Snowballs, Equipment Essence II and III, Lucky Runes, Mount Catalysts, and even the exclusive Christmas Pet, Kringle!
[Snowball]: Use on a player or monster target to slow their movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds. Snowballs can buy you valuable time in battle, and make the perfect holiday prank!
4. Ride a Reindeer This Christmas!

5. Stay Warm With Winter Pets!
[Arctos]: Strike fear into your enemies with a mighty polar bear pet.

[Kringle]: A powerful guardian spirit with the face of Santa Claus himself.
6. X-citing X-mas Costumes!
[X-mas Costume]:
Cap: Increases Max HP by 1%
Coat: Increases Damage Reduction by 1%
Pants: Reduces the duration of Debuffs by 5%.
On sale in the Mall for a limited time.

7. Festive Christmas Features
[Successive Login Rewards]: Login for 10 days straight during the Holiday Event and sign in to the event webpage to win Santa's ultimate gift: the special Christmas edition pet, Kringle!
[Spread the Joy]: Open the Holiday Event interface and select the Spread the Joy option. Next, select one of the names displayed on the friends list, then click the "Spread Joy!" button to give a random Christmas gift to that friend. You can "play Santa" up to 5 times a day. Players will find their friends' Christmas gifts in their mailbox.

[Santa's Gift Bag]: Open to get one of the following at random: Bag of Coins III, Wing Tips, HP Elixir I, MP Elixir I, or EXP Scroll I.

8. It's Going To Be A White Christmas
(1). Map updates: Christmas trees, Snowmen, and snow-covered buildings
(2). Come and see the snow at Forrester City!
(3). Christmas decorations even on the game interfaces!

The WOD Team