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Wing of Destiny -PH Closing Announcement

Posted On: Aug. 13, 2017


Dear Commanders,
It has been an exhilarating and wondrous few years in the game. So it is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the closure of Wing of Destiny.

That was a good fight that we were proud to have fought but we have to ultimately concede defeat. We are grateful for all the friends and glorious history we've made. And hopefully, in another time and space, we might meet again.

But when one door closes, another opens. We are delighted to inform everyone that you are welcome to join WOD-US version to continue adventuring!

For adventurers who wish to join new worlds, we’ve prepared the following packages for you:
1. Purchase History Total ≥ $10,000: 600,000 Coupons+9-Star Wazley*1+Tealos*1+Gold Chest*100
2. Purchase History Total ≥$5,000: 300,000 Coupons+9-Star Kong*1+Necia*1+Gold Chest*50
3. Purchase History Total < $5,000: 100,000 Coupons+8-Star Flameras*1+Gold Chest*50
4. Non-cash players get 9-Star Garuda*1+Azurblauen*1+Gold Chest*50

Wing of Destiny will close on Sep 18th, 2017.
1、Wing of Destiny will remain open to all existing players until the date of closure.
2、The Mall will remain open until Aug 18th, 2017.
3、The game server and all related links will close at Sep 18th, 2017.

All other features of Wing of Destiny will remain functional until the closure of the servers. Any Mall Points you still have remaining in your account can be used normally. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Customer Support and we will address them as soon as we can.